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Welcome to the NEW AnnuityNexus!

The industry's premier source for fixed, indexed, and variable product and rate information.
For Distributors: AnnuityNexus gives back-office staff and advisors quick and easy access to the most comprehensive fixed, indexed, and variable annuity information in the industry. Find the best rates, identify suitable products, research product exchanges, and print disclosure reports to meet the new DOL fiduciary rules.
  • Custom fixed and indexed rate sheets and product shelves
  • Full fixed, indexed and variable product profile summaries
  • FINRA reviewed client reports.
  • Issuer verified data
For Carriers:

AnnuityNexus combines the variable product profile and document research tools from Variable AnnuityNexus with the NEW fixed and indexed product profile and side-by-side comparisons

Carriers now have direct access to review and verify Beacon's product profiles, and the new "Issuer Verified" designation highlights products that have been carrier reviewed.

AnnuityNexus combines Variable AnnuityNexus and Market Intelligence in one common portal.

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